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 Keyblade Wielders

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PostSubject: Keyblade Wielders   Keyblade Wielders EmptyWed Apr 12, 2017 5:48 pm

Keyblade Wielders(cannot be started as, must work up to the power referenced)

Keyblade Wielders M8ZpGY5
(1,000 Willpower / 1,000 Potential)

The lucky few chosen to become Keyblade Wielders. There is no specific limitation as to what can become a wielder of such a legendary weapon. But rather, one must possess a strong heart! These elite few tend to travel between worlds very often; and they often clash with the Heartless, as the shadows are drawn to their power. The Keyblades possess a unique quality that no other weapon has...

The ability to lock, or unlock anything. Each world has a keyhole, and the Heartless can threaten the worlds unless their keyholes are locked. Some Keyblade Wielders, or those seeking to manipulate them for darker intentions... Wish to see what happens if a world's keyhole is unlocked instead; however to do so unlocks no secret power. It means the end of a world.

Some fear the Keyblade Wielders, some praise them as Heroes. The question is, where do you fit in?

Keyblade Training
Untrained Keyblade Wielder - 5% non-skill damage and defense
Keyblade Squire - 10% non-skill damage and defense
Keyblade Knight - 15% non-skill damage and defense
Keyblade Master - 20% non-skill damage and defense

Keyblade Wielders

Student of the Keyblade [x5] [10k Potential and WillPower]

Privileged Keyblade Warrior [x10] 25k Potential and WillPower]

Keyblade Squire [x18] [50k Potential and WillPower]

Keyblade Knight [x26] [70k Potential and WillPower]

Mark of Mastery [x32] [100k Potential and WillPower]

Keyblade Master [x40] [140k Potential and WillPower]

Drive Forms:

Drive Form for Keyblade Wielders are special forms a Keyblade holder can access with the right circumstances. These forms stack with trans, however they are much harder to get typically.

Valor Form [x5/x3] - Learn from Battling Terra

Wisdom Form [x3/x5] - Learn from Aqua

Limit Form [x5] - Requires Privileged Keyblade Warrior

Master Form [x7] - Requires Valor and Wisdom Form

Final Form [x9] - Requires All forms, and then to receive a 20 on a d20 roll when doing the dice roll on drive transformation.

Anti Form [x10] - Only usable through this means. Roll a D20, if you get a 1 you enter this form, however, you also can not use spells or skills in this form, and can only exit the form after 3 turns.

You also will have a Number starting at 1 on your profile, that will increase by one to a maximum of 19, for each time you use a drive form this number goes up by 1. This number and under it are what you must roll to enter anti drive form. This number is reseted back to base once you enter either Anti Form or Final Form.
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Keyblade Wielders
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