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PostSubject: Moogles   Moogles EmptyWed Apr 12, 2017 5:47 pm


Moogles FsW62e6
(50 Potential / 50 Willpower +900 Munny)

Little, furry white creatures that have a penchant for collecting valuable Munny! Their eyes appear to always be closed, despite this they seem to have no trouble seeing around them. Atop their head is a string which ends with a red fluff ball that they typically refer to as a pom-pom. Moogles tend to be rather sensitive about these being touched. Their other notable feature is the wings on their back; which can vary in size just as they do. The colors of their wings tend to be black, purple, or red.

As one would expect, their tiny furry bodies aren't exactly meant for battle. They tend to be the types that manage everything within safe areas for... Anyone that doesn't threaten them, really! Moogles are crafty types, and are among the very few capable of combining magic and technology into quite the result.

Untrained Moogle - 5% melee and defense.
Novice Moogle - 10% melee and defense.
Warrior Moogle - 15% melee and defense.
Moogle Knight - 20% melee and defense
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