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Toons 8qexIz0
(350 Potential / 350 Willpower +300 Munny)

Toons are, much like Humans, beings that are spread across many worlds. Some can even look very similar to Humans, but make no mistake; a Toon is very different! Their exact physiology is something that greatly varies, perhaps even more so than the Heartless, and just like with Humans they can vary in personality, lifestyle, and moral compass...

Toons tend to be capable of feats that are normally beyond Human limitations, although these tend not to be very useful; a Toon is notably very difficult to truly harm. However they do feel pain just as anyone else does, though they may not seem it when they stretch in odd fashions, or walk away from a nasty bump on the head with naught but a few grumbles and rubs...

Toon Blade Arts (Offensive Melee)
Untrained Blade Toon - 5% melee damage
Novice Blade Toon - 10% melee damage
Adept Blade Toon - 15% melee damage
Skilled Blade Toon - 20% melee damage

Toon Mage Arts (Offensive and Defensive Skill)
Apprentice Mage Toon - 2.5% offensive skill and defensive skill
Novice Mage Toon - 5% offensive skill and defensive skill
Adept Mage Toon - 7.5% offensive skill and defensive skill
Court Magician - 10% offensive skill and defensive skill

Toon Shield Arts (Defensive Guard)
Meat Shield - 5% guard defense
Block Jockey - 10% guard defense
Shield Knight - 15% guard defense
Master of Blocking - 20% guard defense
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