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PostSubject: Nobodies   Nobodies EmptyWed Apr 12, 2017 5:44 pm


Nobodies RtSPV05
(250 Potential / 750 Willpower)
(Must start in The World that Never Was after finishing your Dive into The Heart post)

Nobodies are beings that, much like Heartless, come to be once one has lost their life. They hold no hearts, and serve as an empty shell of their former selves. Many believe that Nobodies are incapable of feeling, and in worst case scenarios, don't even deserve to exist. This causes them to hold a great amount of jealousy for the people around them. Above all they covet the prize of claiming a Heart for themselves, and becoming whole once more.

Despite this, most don't seem to hold an interest in becoming part of their original persona; Nobodies wish to exist as they are rather than as what they were. Though there are some exceptions, as with any people in life... The concept of a Nobody having no feeling comes from their first days; they are almost in a zombie-like trance, and utter very few, if any words. However, the longer they are alive, the more they act like any other living person.

Signature Weapon Training
Untrained Nobody - 5% melee and defense
Field Agent - 10% melee and defense
Assassin - 15% melee and defense
Commander - 20% melee and defense
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