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Heartless I4F8EPV
(750 Potential / 250 Willpower)

The Heartless are beings composed entirely of darkness; they hold no true body. Instead they are shades given mockeries of 'flesh'. Heartless have been noted to come in many different forms based upon evolutionary factors, as well as whether or not one has claimed a Heart for their own; the key factor is that one that has claimed no such trophy lacks an emblem and are the most basic in appearance. Their forms are pure black, with bright glowing yellow eyes, most are small and weak. But some manage to grow stronger over time...

Then, there is a split. Those that do claim a heart will have an emblem branded on them, and their forms become more complex to show for it. Some even understanding the concepts of clothing and weaponry, as well as how to make use of armor... Heartless in this category that become stronger can become something truly frightening to behold.

Heartless Training:
Young shadow - 5% bonus to attack.
Thick shade - 15% bonus to attack.
Dark heart - 25% to attack.
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