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 Custom Command Style Application Template

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PostSubject: Custom Command Style Application Template   Mon Apr 10, 2017 4:36 am

Custom Command Styles have much more freedom than the default one's. There isn't a real mechanical limit so long as you have balance in mind. Creativity is encouraged when creating a custom school! Whip up a nice pretty little template for your Custom Command Style. You're free to use the template that will be present in here, but it is encouraged that you take your sweet time making something very nice. Creating your own custom style should feel fun and enjoyable, and not like a need or necessity.

[img]Command Style mage, if applicable[/img]
[effect(s) of the command style and it's trigger(s)]

[Backstory of the command application and it's IC means of being taught to others]

"The next time someone wanders into the realm of darkness. I'll be here. A light to cut through all the shadows. I will be their wayfinder."
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Custom Command Style Application Template
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