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 NPC Rules

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PostSubject: NPC Rules   NPC Rules EmptySat Apr 08, 2017 8:25 pm

There are two types of NPCs/Canon characters that anyone may apply for and play. The first type are referred to as canons and the other are simply titled NPCs. The differences between the two are listed below!


-Begin with the base stats of their race, and unlike players can begin as Key Wielders.

-Their grades cannot be given to one of your player characters. All gradings done for the canon go to THAT canon.. with some exceptions. If your canon dies, and that death is deemed permanent for the sake of plot, the gradings for them during that thread can be given to the person of your choice.

-Can purchase items.


-Begin with pre-determined stats.

-Grades given to NPCs go to a different character of the person playing them. Do note that most stronger NPCs suffer from a 50% gain reduction.

-Cannot purchase items.

Claimed NPCs:

Aqua - Laxamie

Ansem - Laxamie

Cyxsur - Sigeo

Unclaimed NPCs that are needed:

The Kingdom Key

If you request a canon, you are required to make a sheet for them just as you would any character. Your knowledge of that character and their skills/available magic will be rewarded to the character of your choice. For NPCs a sheet is optional, but doing so will earn you the same reward as creating one for a canon.

Remember that canon characters such as Sora, Riku, and Kairi do not exist. Canon characters are pretty much any Disney movie character you can think of. Jack Sparrow, Peter Pan, Captain Hook, etc. NPC types are meant to be bosses like Ansem and Cyxsur.

If you are curious about your NPC or canon having a unique passive feel free to ask. Here's one example of such a thing.

Mickey- Don't Give Up!: Mickey can enter RoD/Lore threads after the time limit is exceeded.

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NPC Rules
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