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 Countdown To Keyblade War (Keyblade Census)

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Countdown To Keyblade War (Keyblade Census) Empty
PostSubject: Countdown To Keyblade War (Keyblade Census)   Countdown To Keyblade War (Keyblade Census) EmptySat Jun 25, 2016 10:50 am

Basically since I think it can be agreed that a few people will probably wind up going the Keyblade route of things, figured it'd be an interesting/good idea to keep track of who all had what kinda Keyblade, whether they be wielders of the Light, the Dark, or the Twilight :3

Keyblade Wielders Of Light:

  • .

Keyblade Wielders Of Darkness:

  • .

Keyblade Wielders Of Twilight:

  • .

Countdown To Keyblade War (Keyblade Census) TennoTonfa

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Countdown To Keyblade War (Keyblade Census)
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