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 Sol Noct

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Sol Noct
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Sol Noct

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PostSubject: Sol Noct   Sol Noct EmptyWed Jun 01, 2016 1:30 pm

Sol Noct
Sol Noct W8zypJL

General Information
Name: Sol Noct
Age: Sixteen
Race: Human
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Command Deck
Abilities(Choose 3: Have the [AB] Tag)
1. [AB] Scan: Can sense another's latent Willpower and Potential.
2. [AB] Stun Impact: Has a chance of stunning an opponent for one turn. They will be unable to attack or defend for their next post.
3. [AB] Cheer: While in battle with allies, your allies get a 3% boost to their base potential and willpower. (Does not stack with other boosts)

Spells(Choose 3: Have the [SP Level ?] Tag, Can Only be [SP Level 1] at start)
1. [SP Level 1] Cure: Sol casts magic that cures his and his allies' wounds.
2. [SP Level 1] Blizzard: Sol casts ice magic that takes the form of ice shards meant to pierce his foes.
3. [SP Level 1] Darkness Whip: Standard dark magic, this spell takes the form of a black tendril that whips his foes.

Skills(Choose 3: Have the [SK Level ?] Tag, Can Only be [SK Level 1] at start)
1. [SK Level 1] En Garde!: Sol, using his rapier, puts much of his strength into it and lunges at his foe and attempts to pierce them with the tip of his blade.
2. [SK Level 1] Glancing Blow: Swinging his rapier with great speed, Sol attempts to drag the sharp tip of the blade against a foe with the intention of cutting them.
3. [SK Level 1] Unorthodox Maneuver: In a truly unusual display of swordsmanship, Sol tosses his rapier like a Javelin, and it magically returns to him.

Signature Melee(Make 3, Just Flavor: Have the [ML ?] Tag, Can Only be [ML Untrained] at start)
1. [ML Untrained] Flurry: Sacrificing quality for quantity, Sol attempts a series of rapid strikes against his foe.
2. [ML Untrained]: That's Not a Sword!: Using his free hand, Sol forgoes his blade and instead chooses to punch his foe.
3. [ML Untrained] Stick Them With the Dull End: Once again ignoring the actual blade of his rapier, Sol chooses to make a light strike at them with his pommel.


Sol is a thin young man of median height for his age. He has light brown hair, that could be described as chestnut in color. His hair could also be described as shaggy in quality, but not overly long. It occasionally falls into dark brown eyes and obscures them, thought he is careful to keep it out of his way. He has no noticeable blemishes, at least on the parts of him that are likely to be seen. His skin is a healthy peach color.

Sol prefers to dress simply and without fanfare. This includes, mainly, basic shirts and the like, paired with long pants of either black or gray color. Occasionally he will don a jacket, or even dare to accessorize if he is feeling particularly flamboyant.


Sol, like many of his peers, was born in Twilight Town. However, he did not grow up in the standard nuclear family. No, instead, his story begins with a sacrifice, his mother's life for his. There is a reason that the act of childbirth is occasionally referred to as the blood bed, and Sol's birth was a stark reminder of this. Shortly after he was born, his mother succumbed to the harshness of it all. And this initially left Sol alone with his elder sister, Stella. His father was not in the picture, having left for reasons unknown to Sol shortly before his birth. Luckily for the two children, their mother happened to have a brother in Twilight Town, their Uncle Mercurio. Mercurio quickly took the two children in and raised them as his own. As such, Sol has never known a parental figure other than Mercurio.

Life under Mercurio was good enough. The man, and by extension the children, lived comfortably, as Mercurio kept a small shop that dealt in various baubles that did well enough. For a time, his life was simple enough. Of course, it was not perfect. Stella, as she got older, began to argue with Mercurio about any number of things. What she wanted, what her parents would have wanted, that Mercurio wasn't their parent... Trying times, indeed. Eventually, Stella took to spending most of her time away from the home, leaving Sol to his own devices for a great deal of time.

As such, Sol began to read. Mercurio kept a great deal of books, and as a child, Sol had little else to do, so he began to read. And, as it turned out, he quite enjoyed it. He fell in love with the knowledge, in love with the other worlds that books spun, of the stories they created and told. He was content to spend all his time reading back at home. But Stella was not.

In her time outside the home, Stella had taken up fighting, as many people do. But as it turned out, Stella was taking it up for her own reasons: to gain the strength to leave home. And, in time she did. Before long, she announced her intentions to both Sol and Mercurio. Mercurio, in his concern, argued with her, attempting to convince her to stay. Safe to say, he was unsuccessful. Sol, however, was actually a little jealous. Having immersed himself in books, Sol wanted his own adventures. He begged her to take him with her. She refused. He begged again. And once again, she refused. But eventually, he must have worn her down some, as she eventually agreed to teach him to fight, so that he might leave on his own someday. The two trained for some weeks, until Sol had grasped the basics of both magic and swordplay.

Satisfied, Stella took her leave, making Sol promise to keep practicing and to find her again one day. Sol eagerly agreed, but before she departed, he finally asked why she wanted to leave. And her answer was simple: 'To find him.' Their father, she meant, the one who had run away before Sol was born. The two had shared a silent moment of resolve, each knowing that he was out there somewhere. Sol had never met the man, but some small part of him still desired to. Blood and blood, he thought. Before long, Stella finally left them, leaving young Sol with only his rapier and books, and a few years worth of waiting.

Finally, that brings Sol to today. On the precipice of his own journey, Sol has strapped his rapier to his belt and has finally left the safety of Mercurio's home and struck out on his own. It has not been long, and he has not gotten far, but his resolve is true. He wishes to find both Stella and his father. And, maybe, write his own story. Now, if only he could make it outside of Twilight Town. But even the greatest journey starts with small steps...
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PostSubject: Re: Sol Noct   Sol Noct EmptyTue Jun 14, 2016 12:10 pm

Hello Sol! I've been told by an admin here you a re all good to go and may post your awakening! Have fun and welcome to Kingdom Keys!
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Sol Noct
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