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 Locomotive Conundrum [OPEN/Jin]

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Jarvis Rose
Jarvis Rose

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Locomotive Conundrum [OPEN/Jin] Empty
PostSubject: Locomotive Conundrum [OPEN/Jin]   Locomotive Conundrum [OPEN/Jin] EmptyMon May 30, 2016 4:23 am

Things had been strange since the little squabble in the streets. The creature was quick to forget things and already had a small death count behind him. But the battle had left him hurt. Bruised as well as injured. The strange ooze and dark mist that made up his body and frame allowed in a short time his missing arm to reform. And his battle suit while scuffed and torn here and there was still fairly functional. A little bit of his energy and it too seemed to repair the same as his body. The small creature still strolling along near the train tracks no far off. Rather close in fact given he'd taken to the inside of one of the tunnels to hide and travel for a time. The darkness relaxing and soothing and there was a lack of heavy sounds so his mind could rest for several hours. As well as the dark road was rather long and winding allowing for a stride to let the time slip by in its open if silent ease.

In his mind however he though of the woman that had bested him. The strange battle before he'd run off at the end and how she'd thrown herself on him at the end. His face remembered how strange but soft her chest had felt pushing against his face. He'd even tried to cling to her for a moment or two finding it quite enjoyable. He may have went further but the second he was off he made his escape. Not desiring to continue the fight before passing and later awakening near the trucks he was on now. His mind wondering as he 'envisioned' the woman in his mind while walking along.

Locomotive Conundrum [OPEN/Jin] K3Jzhfd

He'd snicker thinking of lightly different clothing. Wondering what they were actually for and why they felt so good. Or if he had a tast-.
The sound of a rushing horn and bright light caught him off guard though as he turned quickly to see a light shooting down the tracks no far from him. Blinding him in a moment but his dark image was hard to make out in the tunnels to the driver of the current on schedule train. He'd flail his arms as this unfortunate problem was about tot get a whole lot worse.

The train itself and those inside would feel a sudden clunk and then shake along the traveling cars as well as all throughout the train. The shaking turning violent before soon a squeal of the tires would be heard as it'd make a unexpected and slow skid into a stop. Several of the wheels and axels becoming lightly cracked and dent as well as scuffed badly from whatever it had hit. The driver and work repair crew aboard thinking it must have been some debris drug into the tunnel by some hoodlums or some one up to no good. But in either case finding any debris or looking for accidents and repairs would have delayed the train from continuing its ride for sometime. The station wasn't far off but those in the train would see only dark windows and the light of the train their light for the time to still see and avoid the pitch black darkness.

Meanwhile under one of the cars twitching underneath the frame of the train tangled in one of the wheels and axals. A none to pleased heartless huffed and tried to wiggle free. A light thumping heard now and again under one of the cars. At the moment the little creature trying to get free its body in... moderate pain. But surprising a creature like this could survive such encounters. But that didn't mean it didn't hurt mind you... Taking a moment to catch its breath it'd return to its prior thoughts as it thought how to get its twisted arm and foot that were still stuck well... unstuck. Its thoughts trying to think of happier things.

"Soft... Boobies... Need boobies to stop hurt..."

Locomotive Conundrum [OPEN/Jin] OzefBE1
Block attempted towards train, Block failed Train wins.
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Locomotive Conundrum [OPEN/Jin] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Locomotive Conundrum [OPEN/Jin]   Locomotive Conundrum [OPEN/Jin] EmptyTue Apr 11, 2017 2:52 am

Jarvis, you've gained 75 Potential and 50 Willpower!
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Locomotive Conundrum [OPEN/Jin]
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