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 Become Better, Faster, Stronger! (Solo)

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Become Better, Faster, Stronger! (Solo) Empty
PostSubject: Become Better, Faster, Stronger! (Solo)   Become Better, Faster, Stronger! (Solo) EmptyMon May 30, 2016 3:18 am

Thankfully, that entire situation from before was defused... Somehow, she wasn't entirely sure what did it. But it was like that creature just... Lost interest in fighting. Yuuki actually had a little bit of trouble getting the thing off of her, actually. Thankfully, she DID manage to get it away. But... Still, all of that showed her just how much she still needed to improve. When Riyya first showed up, she was actually stronger than Yuuki too! She wasn't entirely sure how that happened... Riyya didn't really like fighting, right? Yuuki was always the one to do that...

If only because of the fight that she was in, though, things were back to a little more of what she expected! But if she became content with just this much, then Twilight Town could always be at danger! That was just her first enemy, there could be so much more, and they could be several times more powerful! That settled it, then! So first, she needed a place to train in a bit of privacy. So where was that? The Tram Tunnels! Most people didn't go in there very often. Off the top of her head, only one other person went in there.

And that was Vivi, he had a tendency to come here for training. She offered to help him train a few times, but he usually refused. It wasn't like she intended to use her full power against him, either... But she got the sense he didn't really care for Struggling all that much. He just sort of followed the crowd. Honestly, it all seemed pretty unfair to him... But if he wanted to hang out with Seifer, Rai and Fuu, what was there she could really do about that? She still didn't get why people took them seriously, too.

But that was neither here nor there, it was time to train! Yuuki would draw her swords and enter stance. Yes, the idea was to train for Struggling, so why use her blades instead of the bats? Well, for one thing, her swords were a hell of a lot heavier. Compensating for all of that weight and using her usual combat style was actually pretty difficult... There just wasn't much excitement involved in this, though. She was fighting an imaginary opponent. They could be as difficult or as easy as she wanted them to be.

And it just wasn't the same as fighting a real opponent. Still, if she trained for an hour or two, that effort had to reflect, right?! And maybe... If she kept up a constant flurry of attacks, that'd really do it! Taking as little time as she possibly could between each movement and attack, that was her training method now. Just one slash and then follow up into another, and another! Fortunately, the fact that she preferred to use her dual bladed style made things easier. Then there was her tendency to do as much as she could even in live combat...

It was basically right up her alley, maybe this would help a little bit with her stamina usage in battle, too. She had a tendency to run out of breath, in the physical and magical sense, in a very short amount of time! Sure, she could deal an incredible amount of damage to her foes in the process, but it was a double edged sword. One that she needed to be very careful in using. There wouldn't always be a situation where her ability to attack twice would be useful in comparison to just one blow.

There were so many flaws in her combat style... And she needed to overcome them somehow! There was no way this amount of skill was enough to leave her content! She was going to become the Struggle Champion, then, she was gonna set out on a journey! Yuuki was going to track down all of the challenges, and overcome every last one of them! But to do that... She needed to realize even more of her potential. There had to be more hidden inside of her, she just needed to draw it out. If there was no magic way to do that...

Then the good old fashioned way was just hard work! The girl had been at it for so long that she ended up losing track of time, but her constant barrage of attacks would leave her drenched in sweat, and short of breath... With a final flourish of her blades, she'd sheath them and then fall onto the ground, trying to catch her breath. That had to do it, right? She was gonna feel stronger after that! ...Hopefully.
"Damn... I still feel so weak compared to the enemies I've been facing."

She admitted to herself. But hey, that was why she was training, right? She'd need to take a few minutes to rest her now aching body and actually catch her breath... She had to be stronger to protect Riyya, and all of her friends. This was the way she knew how to do things, she didn't want them taking such huge risks! Most of these fights weren't even that pleasant. Yeah, Seifer wasn't the worst. But the battle with that tiny armored being... That got out of hand so fast.

She still had to thank whatever managed to cause that creature to change it's mind in the end. Finally, Yuuki would sit up.
"Well the effort I put in here was pretty good, but... There's still a lot more I can do. I have to keep pushing myself, or I'll be overtaken!", she'd state in attempts to psyche herself up, and then she'd hop back onto her feet! Right, enough of the resting for now, time to get back into it all over again! Maybe a bit of a different training method now, though...

Curiously, there were a few boxes here. Yuuki would end up trying to move one of them a bit.
"Wow, pretty heavy... Hmm... Maybe...", she'd comment to herself, then looking at her surroundings. This was a pretty long hall, and fortunately, this box was at one end of the hall. Then, an idea clicked in her head! The girl would pick up the box filled with heavy items inside, and then she'd start making her way down to the opposite end of the hallway! She wouldn't allow herself to stop, either!

Yuuki wouldn't be able to break out into a full run while carrying this, but she could at least keep moving at a reduced pace. There would be no breaks until she reached the other side! This... Definitely showed to be a much more difficult task than she was first anticipating it to be. But if she could pull it off, then she'd have to be that much stronger to show for it! At the very least, she knew the goal she wanted to match! If she could become as strong as that huge beast in her dream...

Yeah, that was a decent goal for someone on her level! Yuuki grinned, pushing herself to keep going on! Her body wanted to give in, but her mind and heart wouldn't allow it! It turned out to be an incredibly grueling half hour of effort on her part, but she'd finally reach the end of the hall and set the box down, after that, she'd sit down and rest her back against it. She needed another moment to catch her breath. This wasn't going to be as effective as if she got out there and actually did something with herself...

But after that scare, she just wanted something nice and simple to do. Something to recollect her thoughts and confidence with, and now she felt like she could get back out there and be like her usual self again! There was no way any of this was gonna stop her now! Yuuki would get back up onto her feet, a much more confident grin on her face now.
"Okay... I'd say this is pretty good for now! Maybe it's time I get out there and find someone to have a Struggle with!"

She'd comment. "After that, I should probably head home. Riyya probably wants to talk about what happened, too...", with that, she'd begin making her way out of the Tram Tunnels. It wasn't the longest training session, but it didn't need to be. It just needed to be something relatively quick and simple. "Get ready for me, Twilight Town! This time I'll show you just how classy I can be!", Yuuki would comment aloud once more, trying to raise her morale even further!

It was working.

Stats: 950 Potential, 1,060 Willpower
Attempting to train up Potential here! Hopefully I didn't accidentally raise her Willpower even more... Both stats are good, but I needs dat Potential, yo!
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Become Better, Faster, Stronger! (Solo) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Become Better, Faster, Stronger! (Solo)   Become Better, Faster, Stronger! (Solo) EmptyMon May 30, 2016 3:42 am

You with your solo. xD

Well, since we have no official way of grading these I'll grade you as we would a normal topic. Should a way of grading solos be made I'll regrade you!

You gained 60 Potential, 10 Willpower, and 15 Munny!

Your total potential is 1010!

Your total willpower is 1070!

Your total munny is 795!
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Become Better, Faster, Stronger! (Solo)
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