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PostSubject: Xa'cha   Xa'cha EmptySun May 29, 2016 8:07 am

Character Image
Xa'cha Latest?cb=20140828170521

General Information
Name: Xa'cha
Age: 25 (91 Days)
Race: Nobody
Alignment: Neutral
(Alignment doesn't have to stay the same, can change if you want to change it as time goes on)

Command Deck
Abilities(Choose 3: Have the [AB] Tag)
1. [AB]Scan (Support): Can sense another's latent Willpower and Potential
2. [AB]Glide (Support): Can hover off of the ground slowly
3. [AB]Dark Boost (Offensive): You deal an extra 3% of your base potential in damage when using darkness based attacks.

Spells(Choose 3: Have the [SP Level ?] Tag, Can Only be [SP Level 1] at start)
1.[SP1] Dark Bolt: Fires a bolt of darkness magic from the hand/tip of the weapon towards the target
2.[SP1] Summon Dusk: Summons a single Dusk to do his bidding
3.[SP1] Shadow Step: Creates a localised Corridor of Darkness that acts as a dodge, or thread escape attempt to another location on that world.

Skills(Choose 3: Have the [SK Level ?] Tag, Can Only be [SK Level 1] at start)
1. [SK1] Dark Edge: Covers the edges of the blades with Darkness magic for extra damage.
2. [SK1] Dark Haze: The user cloaks themselves in darkness, then charges their enemies.
3. [SK1] Poison Edge: Covers the edges of the blades with Poison magic for extra damage.

Signature Melee(Make 3, Just Flavor: Have the [ML ?] Tag, Can Only be [ML Untrained] at start)
1. [ML Untrained] Cross Return: Throws his blades towards the target, the blades spinning as they fly through the air before impacting. After they connect, they reappear in his hands.
2. [ML Untrained] Blade Fusion: Combines his twin blades into a single sword-like weapon for a brief amount of time.
3. [ML Untrained] Blade Bow: Combines his twin blades into a bladed bow that can shoot out arrows of Darkness towards the target.

Appearance: Standing at 5'11'', Xa'cha's slim build is hidden by the Black Coat that he adorns himself with, with only his head truly visible. His auburn hair is a medium length, reaching down to his neck at the back, but not going past the middle of his forehead at the front. Contrary to the designs of the world, it was relatively flat, compared to the general over-spikiness that seemed to pervade the cosmos. Framing his face are a pair of rounded rectangular glasses, which he occasionally tilts back up his nose whenever they slip down a little... or whenever he feels like being a dramatic shit for the hell of it. Underneath the Black Coat can be seen glimpses of some kind of armour, and even his gloves appear to be armoured rather than the regular cloth variety. His eyes are turning yellow from the usage of Darkness, and his formerly pale skin is turning tanned. There are small streaks of silver in the hair, another sign of his exposure to Darkness.

Xa'cha Xacha_commission_zpsyzsru2ov

Backstory: Destruction. That was the first Old Memory that returned to him since he became a Nobody, seeing his world consumed by the Heartless. He could remember the feeling of his body screaming at him to rest, demanding to stop... but he had felt some form of drive, something was pushing him to keep on fighting against the Heartless, even as they devoured his world inch by inch.

For the life of him though, Xa'cha had yet to remember what had been the cause of that determination. Had it been for the sake of others? Had it been his own stubborness? Had rage blinded him to what was going on around him? Whatever the true answer was, it had ended with his death, and resulting resurrection as a Nobody.  That outcome, he knew he could factor into his desire to survive, his inability to succumb to being merely a mindless husk of the shadows.

Since his rebirth as a Nobody, he had worked at trying to understand what exactly had transpired. He had accepted that he had died yes, for how else could he be here as he was? No, what he sought to understand was the sheer speed of the destruction. It could of course just be down to memory fragmentation, but Xa'cha felt that he knew the Heartless had consumed his former world, far too quickly. One minute they were no more than a handful, easily dispatched... then the next they were a tidal wave.

So he followed their patterns, strove to study the Heartless in order to understand this strange feat. After thirty days of study, he thought he had found a pattern to their movements across the worlds... but then it suddenly shifted, and were he predicted they would be, they were not. They were instead on another world. A miscalculation perhaps? Or evidence of something, or someone else behind the scenes, pulling the strings of the Heartless?

The notion that there was an intelligence behind the Heartless, it made Xa'cha shudder. The thought that someone was actively able to control the Heartless, bend them to their will, to wield such power... just what was their interest? What was their end game? What was their goal? Why did some worlds never develop their infections of Shadows beyond a handful, whilst others were on the brink of destruction? If the Heartless continued on as they were, it would mean the end of the worlds... and if there were no more worlds, then there would be no more hearts. And if there were no more hearts, then the Nobodies could never be whole once more. Xa'cha refused to allow some mystery person decide the destiny of the worlds and in turn his own.

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PostSubject: Re: Xa'cha   Xa'cha EmptyTue May 31, 2016 5:01 am

Looks great! Head on over to the Awakening post you dark wizard study man you!
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