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 Additional Mechanics

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Additional Mechanics Empty
PostSubject: Additional Mechanics   Additional Mechanics EmptySat May 28, 2016 10:42 pm

Here's a page for any additional mechanics that haven't been listed elsewhere. Also perfect for tacking on any new mechanics that are inserted.

I'll start with a simple one, dice rolls for abilities.

For Critical Hits, the base level ability, the successful roll numbers based on a six sided die are: 1,2,3.

With Critical Boost, the successful roll numbers become 1,2,3,4.

However, with Full Swing, the successful roll numbers become 1,2.

Stun's successful roll numbers are: 4,5,6.

And finally, Fire, Ice, and Thunder finishes all have a successful roll number of 2,3,4.

You can roll by pressing the dice roll button in the editor. (If it doesn't show, press the show more buttons option to see it) Or alternatively you can roll by typing in [roll="Ability Dice"][./roll] (without the period in the code.)
For example, I want to do Critical Hits, I go as such:

[roll="Ability Dice"==]1[/roll]
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Additional Mechanics
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