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 Pheanyx: The one reborn again

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Pheanyx: The one reborn again Empty
PostSubject: Pheanyx: The one reborn again   Pheanyx: The one reborn again EmptyMon May 23, 2016 10:59 pm

Pheanyx: The one reborn again ZD3Yqba
Pheanyx: The one reborn again 3QhxxLl
Pheonix Halberd
Pheanyx: The one reborn again GWwtSe9
Ashen Dagger

General Information
Name: Pheanyx
Age: 18 (Literally brand new as a Nobody.)
Race: Nobody
Chaotic Neutral

Command Deck
Abilities(Choose 3: Have the [AB] Tag)
1. [AB] Guard Plus: Gives a 3% bonus to your base willpower when guarding at any time.
2. [AB] Second Chance: Stay alive even after the worst hits until you are near-death. They must hit you while you're in your near-death state to finish you off.
3. [AB] Second Wind: Stamina recovers a little more quickly. (Does not affect Mana recovery)

Spells(Choose 3: Have the [SP Level ?] Tag, Can Only be [SP Level 1] at start)
1. [SP1] Thunder: Pheanyx casts thunder at her opponents.
2. [SP1] Thunder Lance: Pheanyx creates a lance of pure electricity and throws it at her opponents
3. [SP1] Infuse Thunder: Pheanyx runs her hand along her halberd, boosting it's strength somewhat. (boosts physical attacks and skills by 5% for 3 turns)

Skills(Choose 3: Have the [SK Level ?] Tag, Can Only be [SK Level 1] at start)
1. [SK1] Charge Up strike!: pheanyx brings her Halberd behind her, then swings it forward in a wide arc.
2. [SK1] Backstab: Pheanyx leaps behind her enemy and impales them with her Halberd, releases them from the impalement, and then strikes them on the head as they fall from the attack.
3. [SK1] Leaping Dagger: Pheanyx brings her Halberd behind her back and leaps forward with her dagger, intending to plant it into her opponent.

Signature Melee(Make 3, Just Flavor: Have the [ML ?] Tag, Can Only be [ML Untrained] at start)
1. Spinning Slice: Pheanyx winds up and puts her whole body into a spin as her halberd swings around in a complete 360.
2. Ground Slide: Pheanyx pins her dagger into the ground and slides in a wide arc across the floor, her halberd sliding ahead of her and poised to knock her opponents off of their feet. She then appears to start standing up before she does the same highspeed slide in the other direction, she then flips up and sends her halberd smacking into the ground ahead of her.
3. Flying Roll: Pheanyx leaps high into the air and spins rapidly with her halberd outstretched, landing ahead of her with a massive downward strike.

Pheanyx has mint green hair, amber eyes and a pale complexion, her clothes are black like the typical Nobody attire, though somewhat more complex and of her own design.

Featuring a dark navy colored skirt, long black socks going up under said skirt, dressy looking black shoes, a tie atop her shirt and a belt bridging the gap between the shirt and the skirt, many gold bits and bobbles afixing the black cape she wears on her shoulders, and a fiesty demeanor, this petite girl has quite the design.

Though she also will wear the traditional Organization Nameless cloaks when not in this outfit.

Pheanyx is a "newborn" among the Nobody ranks, she cannot remember her past life, or even what her name once was, all that she knows now is that she is no one, a being who cannot grasp her own emotions, who does not know anything about life, or unlife, she has been granted a seat amongst the organization's members, she will soon learn what it means to be a Nobody, or indeed the pains of one.

Perhaps one day she will find out more of herself, of her ability and of where she comes from, for now, this is her life, not but an emotionless zombie whose soul task is to work for these people, to gather the hearts from the wretched Heartless, to follow orders as she is told. And indeed, to be a tool for the group.
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Pheanyx: The one reborn again Empty
PostSubject: Re: Pheanyx: The one reborn again   Pheanyx: The one reborn again EmptyMon May 23, 2016 11:03 pm

Too lazy to switch to Turuski </3 Nobody loli ftw, approved. Go on to your awakening sweetie~ <3
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Pheanyx: The one reborn again
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