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 Nikara Okomura

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PostSubject: Nikara Okomura   Nikara Okomura EmptyWed May 18, 2016 9:25 pm

Nikara Okomura
Nikara Okomura 2nU0EjF

General Information
Name:Nikara Okomura
Nickname:Nikara Of Ice
Alignment:Chaotic Good
(Alignment doesn't have to stay the same, can change if you want to change it as time goes on)

Command Deck
Abilities(Choose 3: Have the [AB] Tag)
1. [AB]Memory Chaining: You can chain together a person's memories with the aid of the Memory Pod to restore someone back to life.
2. [AB]Blizzard Boost: 3% Boost to ice skills
3. [AB]Dark Boost: 3% Boost to darkness skills.

Spells(Choose 3: Have the [SP Level ?] Tag, Can Only be [SP Level 1] at start)
1. Dark Blizzard: Fires a darkness infused chunk of ice at the target.
2. Haste:Quickens one allies reflexes, allowing them to more easily avoid and counter opponents. Cannot be used in conjunction with Slow.
3. Slow: Weakens one foes reflexes, making it harder for them to counter and avoid attacks properly.

Skills(Choose 3: Have the [SK Level ?] Tag, Can Only be [SK Level 1] at start)
1. [SK 1]Aura Bash:A light shroud of darkness engulfs Nikara's body, creating a sort of sphere around her. While still inside this sphere Nikara rushes at her foe up to three times in an attempt to harm them with the dark energy before it expires. (Traits:Darkness damage, single target)

2. [SK 1]Icicle Crash: Summons two Darkness infused chunks of ice to fire at one or two targets for damage, frost power! (Traits:Ice damage, hits up to two foes)

3. [SK 1] Reality Crack:Nikara is a being unusually close to the flow of time, because of this she is able to somewhat use its energies to her advantage, warping behind her opponent and slamming upon them with her shield. (Traits:Harder to dodge, single target)

Signature Melee(Make 3, Just Flavor: Have the [ML ?] Tag, Can Only be [ML Untrained] at start)
1. [ML Untrained]Beserker Charge: A primal attack, Nikara charges at a foe recklessly shield in hand.
2. [ML Untrained]Tornado Spin: Nikara spins like a a top with arms out wide, using her shield to continuously strike at a target.

3. N/A:

Appearance:Nikara Okomura ZsDmvaz

If something goes missing in the past then.... did it ever exist in the future?

Nikara was born the younger of two children, the heirs to a clan of monster hunters on a world called Nirvana. The duty of this clan was simple-keep the number of dangerous monster to a minimum, and destroy any creature that could not be tamed. Nikara and her older sibling Sinara were raised in this environment and as was custom would join the hunt with their parents to then the population

Would their even be an echo or a cry from the creature that once walked both plains?

Over the years the two sisters grew very close. The elements they used in hunting granting them the titles Sinsara of Wind and Nikara of Ice. Nikara's own confidence began to grow far to big however-she began to believe their was no creature she could not strike down, with or without Sinsara. In an act sheep in an act she would later regret Nikara decided to hunt the most dangerous creature their world knew, a 'Time Eater' a creature that existed solely on their world, and freely passed through the different years on it. The creature currently resided in Nikara's age and well... she had no plans to let it continue traveling the ages. As one expected however this creature was far out of the young hunters league and she was rendered an immobile heap on the ground, ready to be crushed at a whim.

Could it's call be heard, even by the ones it cared about in life? Or would their be nothing.... nothing... but silence?

Sinsara, who oddly enough was supposed to be off on a hunting trip of her own would push Nikara out of the creatures view just as it's claw came crashing down, taking the blow ment to kill off her sister. Nikara cried over the form of her bleeding sister, unable to tend her wounds. Their parents would come just as Sinsara's eyes closed for good.

Memories are just that fickle, one gentle poke at the timeline... and no one remembers a thing

The parents would cast a sealing magic on the beast, using their fallen daughter as a catalist for the spell. However despite the orders of her parents Nikara could not being herself to separate herself from sister, nor let go of her body. In the end her parents were left with no choice bit to complete the spell. Its destructive effects did indeed seal the beast and ease it's anger-however it also opened a corridor between world's to do so, one both sisters, dead and alive fell through. Nikara regretted her choices but.... their was no changing the past, she couldn't play with time-no matter hard she tried.

She couldn't change anything... and now she was alone.
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Turuski Drapurr
Turuski Drapurr

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PostSubject: Re: Nikara Okomura   Nikara Okomura EmptyWed May 18, 2016 9:36 pm

Hmm.. So Reality Crack is a sort of teleporting back attack type deal? It'll only do 35% damage as it is only an SK 1, just so you know~

Either way, approved! Proceed onwards to your awakening!

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Nikara Okomura
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