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 Like a Far Off Memory

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The Kingdom Key
The Kingdom Key

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PostSubject: Re: Like a Far Off Memory   Wed Jun 01, 2016 2:38 pm

The creature was clearly mighty, he could feel the strength in it's struggling, and it seemed almost certain it would break free and retaliate...And yet, as he struck it again, it had to exert even more effort just to struggle, it was clear he had stunned it yet again, whether through pure skill, or maybe sheer luck.

What ever the case was, he had stunned it again, as it also took the damage, it was clear one more good hit would be enough to put it out of commission, and to finally earn his freedom, most importantly. To see his mother, and his friends again. That was a light shining through the darkness in this moment, all to further his drive.

-Darkside took all 175 damage! Only 50 Willpower remains!-

-Darkside has been stunned for yet another turn!-
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PostSubject: Re: Like a Far Off Memory   Wed Jun 01, 2016 10:27 pm

Chris felt the energy coursing through his heart, his body and his mind. He was ready to finish this fight once and for all. If he held back on this next attack than all truly would be lost for him. This darkness would consume him and he would end up just like how the voice had said. Failing a promise to his friends. He couldn't let that happen. HE was tougher than that. All his life he had trained with a lack of friends to make. All so that when he could have someone to call a friend than he would be ready to help protect them to the end!

That was why he couldn't lose right now. If he lost now than everything was worth nothing. When Chris began to look back at the ground he noticed something of which that was concerning. The blade had bounced back but it was bouncing too high up! He was going to have to take a very big risk. He couldn't lose the one weapon that gave him the ability to stop the creatures of shadows. What was he to do? What could he even do? He supposed he could only trust fate right about now. Slamming his feet on the head of the heartless he launched himself upward toward the colliding point of his blade.

Chris watched with the very adrenealline pumping throughout his veins as the blade over head came to a collision point. Grasping the blue handle of the blade chris dove downwards towards the heartless. "This is for everyone you have ever hurt! This is for all who's hearts will be freed from the darkness!" Chris would yell as he would aim to drill straight downward withe blade straight through the monster. Hopefully killing it and if it was killed Chris would stumble to the ground as the dream sword would be stuck a few feet away in the glass. He truly was exhausted. This fight was over without a doubt now. No matter what would happen.

WC: 350
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Launched [SK-1]Sonic Blade for 175 Potiential

Health: 763
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Stamina: 0/3
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PostSubject: Re: Like a Far Off Memory   Wed Jun 01, 2016 10:39 pm

Chris! As a starting human your beginning stats are 500 Potential and 500 Willpower.

For this awakening you gained:

560 Potential for a total of 1060!

460 Willpower for a total of 960!

840 Munny!
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PostSubject: Re: Like a Far Off Memory   

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Like a Far Off Memory
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