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 Turuski, Le Auspicious Felicitious Feline

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Turuski Drapurr
Turuski Drapurr

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Turuski, Le Auspicious Felicitious Feline Empty
PostSubject: Turuski, Le Auspicious Felicitious Feline   Turuski, Le Auspicious Felicitious Feline EmptySun May 15, 2016 6:17 am

Turuski Drapurr, Le Auspicious Felicitous Feline
Turuski, Le Auspicious Felicitious Feline Vstm00H
Dream Rod!
Turuski, Le Auspicious Felicitious Feline Dream-rod

General Information
Name: Turuski Drapurr
Age: 78
Race: Toon (Mage Arts)
Alignment: Chaotic Good, have to set an example for the little kiddies!

Command Deck
Abilities(Choose 3: Have the [AB] Tag)
1. [AB] Second Chance: The show must go on! Turuski won't go down so easily, not while there are kids that still need her.
2. [AB] Joy buzzer (Thunder Finish): Oldest trick in the book. (Chance at electrocuting opponents, roll die to determine)
3. [AB] Barrier (Guard Plus): Turuski throws her hand forward creating a sort of half shell around her made up of semi-transparent octagons.

Spells(Choose 3: Have the [SP Level ?] Tag, Can Only be [SP Level 1] at start)
1. [SP 1] Electrical Barrier Surge: Giving her staff a twirl, orbs of light infused with electricity begin to circle around Turuski and a barrier is formed around her before she shoots forward like a giant bowling ball. (Deals electrical damage)
2. [SP 1] Cure: There's no need to be down, friend! Laughter is the best medicine after all. Tursuki's got ya covered.
3. [SP 1] Thunder: Raising her staff to the sky, Turuski shouts 'Thunder!' causing a bolt of lightning to strike her desired target. Due to the level of this ability, the damage is insignificant but should get the job done for now.

Skills(Choose 3: Have the [SK Level ?] Tag, Can Only be [SK Level 1] at start)
1. [SK 1] Cupcake!: From seemingly nowhere, Turuski pulls out an oddly large looking cupcake. The target would soon find out why, as she throws the baked good right at their face producing a SPLAT!
2. [SK 1] Spit Take!: Turuski pulls forth a glass of water and takes a sip. Whether she's over exaggerating how surprised she is or not, she spits the water out right at her opponent's face. The sheer force is enough to cause damage, somehow..
3. [SK 1] Look Out Below!: Turuski produces a little blue box that has a big red button on top. Whether hiding it from her opponent or showing it right to them, she hits the button causing a flower pot to fall out of the sky legitimately out of nowhere to smack them right on top of the head.

Signature Melee(Make 3, Just Flavor: Have the [ML ?] Tag, Can Only be [ML Untrained] at start)
1. [ML Untrained] Disengage!: Turuski really seems to have a thing for producing objects from thin air, at this point. From behind her she pulls out a spherical black bomb that matches with her black and white color scheme, already lit and ready to explode. She throws it at the ground at her feet between her and her enemy causing the two to fly away from one another. Turuski however, is not truly damaged by this. Being a toon has its benefits!
2. [ML Untrained ]Portable Hole: Both a method of transportation and a trap for her foes! Turuski produces this strange hole and throws it onto the ground where it manifests as a real hole. Alternatively, she may drape it over an opponent sucking them up into it causing them to fall from high in the sky. Sometimes this thing just sort of appears outta nowhere.. like say, beneath an opponent's feet when they least expect it! A-ha!
3. [ML Untrained] You Mean This?: An opponent may take notice of their weapon suddenly being gone from their hand, only to look up and see Turuski with it raised above her head already bringing it down to thwack them right over the head before handing it back whilst they are in a cartoon-esque daze.

Appearance: As expected of a toon with 1938 style animations, Turuski is black and white. She is clearly just a cartoony feline with big eyes and a friendly, welcoming smile.

Backstory: Turuski comes from the Timeless River, like some of the more famous toons out there! However, she was by no means very popular. Overshadowed by the likes of Mickey, Turuski's original show fell into obscurity whilst the rest rose to popularity. But that never once slowed her down- as long as she had but a single fan, she would carry on.. at least until those cooperate big wigs decided she wasn't worth it anymore! But even then, Turuski would remain persistent. Trained in the ways of Tom Foolery and general toony mischief, Turuski left the Timeless River to find a live audience, or perhaps even a new purpose? Only time would tell. But her ultimate goal was to earn the love of the 'audience' once more.

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Turuski, Le Auspicious Felicitious Feline Empty
PostSubject: Re: Turuski, Le Auspicious Felicitious Feline   Turuski, Le Auspicious Felicitious Feline EmptySun May 15, 2016 7:33 am

Certainly interesting to see someone make a toon! Everythimg looks good here, you're approved!
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Turuski, Le Auspicious Felicitious Feline
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