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 Riyya Nagano

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PostSubject: Riyya Nagano   Riyya Nagano EmptySat Feb 13, 2016 3:29 am

Riyya Nagano
Riyya Nagano HB1mRsE
Riyya Nagano 200px-Struggle_Sword_%28Render%29_KHII

General Information
Name: Riyya Nagano
Age: 17
Race: Human
Alignment: Neutral Good

Command Deck
1. Second Chance [AB]: Riyya can resist attacks that would kill most, perhaps it's out of sheer desire to make sure her sister is okay.
2. Guard Plus [AB]: Taking a beating from her sister's many training routines has given Riyya the knowledge to effectively block.
3. Memory Chaining [AB]: An ability she herself is not so sure of...Her family has told her that it's special, but she's yet to understand just how.

1. Fire: Riyya can send a wave of fire circling around her, and then direct it at an enemy! [SP Level 1]
2. Protect: Riyya can surround her allies and herself in a basic temporary magical barrier, will be destroyed when an attack hits it. [SP Level 1]
3. Cure: Riyya can heal herself and others for a decent amount. [SP Level 1]

1. Strike Raid: She's not the best with a struggle bat, but she found ways to put on a show with it! She can throw her weapon with a spin on it at her enemies! [SK Level 1]
2. Sliding Strike: Sometimes she's found just taking a dive is the best. ... A dive right into her opponents! She slides at them and strikes them low! [SK Level 1]
3. All or nothing!: She dives headlong at the opponent, her weapon thrust forward the moment before she impacts with them! [SK Level 1]

Signature Melee
1. Taunt: She winks at the opponent before striking them
2. Dancing Hit: She does a few twirls while her weapon spins around her
3. Headshot: She smacks her opponent on the head with a thunk, then jabs them with it.

Appearance: She's an averagely built girl with normal white fair skin, standing at about 5'5", her hair is a chestnut brown color, coming in at waist length, it's usually kept up quite well, never looking too messy as she prefers to look as nice as she can, her eyes brown to match her hair, though carrying a nice glow about them.

Her clothes are a lot like her sister's, a white and green sailor-styled uniform with a red necktie, though she wears shorts instead of a skirt, providing a look that is more cute than revealing, her feet are covered with stylized short length iron boots, her expression is usually one of a rather adorable bewilderment rather than a smirk, a fit to her personality as she prefers to watch rather than act most of the time.

Backstory: Born a year after her elder sister in the calm place of Twilight Town, she was soon dragged into her sister's hobby of Struggle, though she was one who didn't much prefer the sport herself, she still chose to support her sister through it all, she had always taken every opportunity to do so, though she often worried about the elder sister, as she threw herself into fights all the time, always just to prove a point or to make herself look tougher, Riyya was always there by her side to either lecture her on why that's dangerous after she won, or to patch her up if she lost, usually the former of two scenarios.

She herself chose mostly to watch the Struggle tournaments, cheering Yuuki on each and every time, she...Grew to sort of fear combat with the way she always helped her sister train, though she still did it with a smile, just to support her. She herself attempted the tournaments a few times, quickly falling out each time however, though she was never upset, she usually got to celebrate with her elder sister, and their family was a decently wealthy one as well, so she has never had to face any real strife.

Still, these things gained her a friend as well, she shared friendship with Jin Takada, a nice man for sure, one she respected, she supported him almost as much as Yuuki through the years, finding that they had become something like family. She would do anything to keep that bond, it was one that tied her to her normal life, one she appreciated.

Yet this life of support was not all of her. She held something else, something special... She had this strange power exhibited from a young age, one her parents never elaborated on, they only told her she was "Special", that she could "Bind a person together". She has even to this day yet to understand, but she can feel this power deep inside her, one she doesn't fear, but one she doesn't understand.

But she was going to face every sunrise with a look of hope and reverence.

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Jin Takada
Jin Takada

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PostSubject: Re: Riyya Nagano   Riyya Nagano EmptySat Feb 13, 2016 3:56 am

Accepted, Head Admin-Samaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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Riyya Nagano
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