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 Jin Takada (Test and Reference APP)

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Jin Takada
Jin Takada

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PostSubject: Jin Takada (Test and Reference APP)   Jin Takada (Test and Reference APP) EmptyFri Feb 12, 2016 12:49 am

Jin Takada
Jin Takada (Test and Reference APP) O8iakh5
Jin Takada (Test and Reference APP) O7YsEvI

General Information
Name: Jin Takada
Age: 22
Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Command Deck
1. [AB] Guard Plus: Gives a 3% bonus to your base willpower when guarding at any time.
2. [AB] Second Chance: Stay alive even after the worst hits until you are near-death. They must hit you while you're in your near-death state to finish you off.
3. [AB] Time-out: Allows you to perform two defensive or Offensive actions in the same turn.

1. [SP Level 1] Vorpal Cannon: With mana flowing into Jin's katana, he releases a ranged slash of darkness [Dark Based]
2. [SP Level 1] Moon Edge: With mana flowing into Jin's katana, he releases a ranged slash of ice [Ice Based]
3. [SP Level 1] Fire: With mana flowing into Jin's katana, he releases a ranged slash of fire [Fire Based]

1. [SK Level 1] Dull Edge: Using his Katana blade, Jin tries to use an execution slice at an opponent using a bit of his physical prowess.
2. [SK Level 1] Flash Slash: Putting speed behind his attack, Jin rushes an enemy and attempts to slash his katana at them.
3. [SK Level 1] Fury Cutter: Slashing his sword all around him, Jin makes unfocused slashes in an attempt to hit something close to him.

Signature Melee
1. [ML Untrained] Quick Slash: A quick but normal cut motion with a Katana
2. [ML Untrained] Hilt Riposte: A hit with the hilt of a katana, ouch?
3. [ML Untrained] Push Kick: A swift kick in front aimed at the chest.

Appearance: Jin Takada appears to be an adolescent man, but isn't too fresh out of the younger ages to be considered a full on adult or elder, more in the bounds of a young adult, clocking in at 22 years old and at a height of six foot two inches. He usually wears an assortment of jackets, heavy or light. With plain shirts of any kind underneath. He normally wears slack pants or jeans to go with it, firm boots worn on his feet often. There isn't much to say on his appearance otherwise, aside from his constant use of having a training wooden sword by his side, kept there dangling by a sling that usually goes across his chest underneath his jacket but over his shirt.

Backstory: Jin's life has been a boring one so far, not having much to add onto his life or do for most of it. He had fun with friends, met people he would care about, the same sort of deal that you get with most people. He was born to two parents and was born within Twilight Town, going about normal business, helping around the best he could and getting into a few scraps at a young age. With this, he quickly got into a famous Twilight Town hobby known as Struggle, using the famous Struggle Bat, which is even implemented outside the hobby of Struggle. However, outside of struggle, Jin implemented his own style of weapon, a wooden sword in the shape of a katana. He used a katana-esque style with it as well, which he also used hand in hand with the struggle bats.

Throughout his life however, he slowly fell out of struggle, not really messing around with it or anything aside from the summerly tournaments that went on in the town. He enjoyed participating in them every year but his life had more meaning than just that, he had to focus on other things. Eventually, he even started a little inn that he used to meet more people for the most part, while also gaining income and having an actual job that made it sort of unnecessary for him to actual win the tournaments that he went to, he just played for fun and nothing really else.

However, he would never trade in the friends he made throughout his time doing Struggle, as friends were something he cherished very much in his boring and uneventful life up to that point. Though, that didn't mean he could make friends with everybody, as everyone made friends and they made enemies with some people out there. Alas, nothing much else happened for Jin aside from him using his inn as a basic home for himself and anybody that should live with him or buy their way in through the job. The young man never stopped training with his wooden blade either, looking forward to maybe get a real one some day.
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Jin Takada (Test and Reference APP) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jin Takada (Test and Reference APP)   Jin Takada (Test and Reference APP) EmptyFri Feb 12, 2016 3:51 am

Approved! And I like it, good job!
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Jin Takada (Test and Reference APP)
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