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PostSubject: Xedyn   Xedyn EmptyWed Jun 07, 2017 11:14 am

Xedyn, the Disaster Spectacle
Xedyn RFfIJzV
Xedyn MuPVCUt

General Information
Name: Xedyn
Age: 17 (Nobody for fourty days)
Race: Nobody
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Command Deck
1. [AB] Void Gazer: Xedyn sacrifices his regular sight to gain another form of sight, the ability to sense Heartless and other Nobodies regardless of distance or obstacle.
2. [AB] Glide: With enough momentum, Xedyn can move more lithely through the air.
3. [AB] Apostate: Xedyn's magical prowess often goes to his head in times of weakness, but that acts as more a blessing than a burden. He puts more effort into his offensive abilities, Giving a +7% to his offensive magic attacks when near death.

Spells(Choose 3: Have the [SP Level ?] Tag, Can Only be [SP Level 1] at start)
1. [SP Level 1] Target Stop: Xedyn channels Stop magic into his blades and sends it as a beam toward a single enemy to halt their movement for a short time.
2. [SP Level 1] Tether Magnet: Xedyn channels Magnet magic into his blades and sends it as a beam toward a single enemy, creating a temporary ephemeral link Xedyn can manipulate to drag an enemy to him or send them away from him.
3. [SP Level 1] Burst Aero: Xedyn channels Aero magic into his blades and spins, creating a ring of damaging wind magic that spreads outward until it fades to nothing.

1. [SK Level 1] First Aid: A simple knowledge of medicinal arts goes a long way. When out of combat Xedyn can treat his wounds to restore health over time.
2. [SK Level 1] Hare Cutter: Xedyn launches forward at breakneck speed, swinging his blades in a single circular motion.
3. [SK Level 1] Flash Bullet: Return: Xedyn throws one of his twin blades at the enemy, once it reaches its destination it will turn then return to his empty hand.

Signature Melee
1. [ML Untrained] Cross Slash: A swift slash in an X formation.
2. [ML Untrained] Cliff Hanger: A disorienting kick to the ankle, followed by an easily readable slash that is then faked out and replaced by a sudden thrust.
3. [ML Untrained] Pincer Clash: Both twinblades are brought together swiftly like an insect mandible.

Appearance: Like others of his kind, Xedyn wears a long black hooded coat with the hood up to conceal his overall appearance. When catching him with the hood down, however, his hair is dark purple and spiky. His eyes are concealed by a black bandana but often times in Void Gazer a black aura radiates from where his eyes would be. He is 5'3" tall and possesses a very lithe frame that further compliments his unorthodox but swift fighting style.

Backstory: Xedyn's backstory is nothing but a blur to him, any point he would question his origins his mind would be met with an eternal and disheartening sense of black. The only thing carried with him from his supposed past were his athleticism and his unusual fighting style with even more unusual weapons. The only memories Xedyn truly possesses where his memories of the now and of his time in where his memories began; in the World That Never Was, and he came to cherish only those that he had. Not the ones he wish he had.

In the span of a few days Xedyn had tried nothing but his very best to prove himself to his peers as he desires some form of gratification, if anything just to feel more pleased about himself. For is any task completed without a thought of self-gain or self-preservation hiding in the back of one's mind?
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