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 A Sigh and a Relief (Xedyn/Dyne/Open)

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A Sigh and a Relief (Xedyn/Dyne/Open) Empty
PostSubject: A Sigh and a Relief (Xedyn/Dyne/Open)   A Sigh and a Relief (Xedyn/Dyne/Open) EmptyWed Jun 07, 2017 3:23 am

"Kingdom...Hearts?" Xedyn muttered softly under his breath, the words getting carried away by the wispy salty air and fading into nothing as the sound of angry gulls and crashing waves overlapped the confused words of a confused entity until no trace of it was left in the atmosphere. Xedyn's search to uncover the whimsical words that held such meaning with lack of reason in his mind. The pain of having no explanation for something so life-defining was deafening in more ways than one. It brought physical pains to his temples when dwelling upon it so much, and something more agonizing with the realization that this pain wouldn't simply end with the cycle of night and day. His journey brought him to such strange places so far with so many mind-boggling events, the nobody began to wonder just what this journey had in store for him. Nothing, no planning, no preparations, nothing - just walking away.

It was about time.

What a fool he had been, embarking on a journey with nary a thought spared to it, running off into the fray without a second's thought. All of this started when he wanted to see other worlds, and he found that. But it did nothing to fill the empty void that took up what he could only assume would be where a heart would go. An ever darkening void in his chest that reminded him how far from humanity he was. Or if he were anything related to human at all. These thoughts corrupted his mind and took root, disallowing him from thinking of anything other than the nature of his being, or rather lack thereof. A wave of nihilism crept up his spine like a curious spider and burrowed into the back of its mind like a parasite invading a host's body. If one was nothing at all then what change could they make at all? How could they hold any merit to the book of the universe, what chapter could they make for them selves in the annals of history?
The answer was in his name.

All of the sudden, staring out into the gloomy night sky of this strange world, letting the salty breeze collide against his face, a feeling of hopelessness came over him. This journey didn't answer anything, it just added on to the many questions that tortured him every waking moment of his nonexistent life. He learned the hard way just what it was like to be a nobody. It was to be just that, a nobody. An unmentioned character in a grand story. The paper-cut turning the page, reminding the reader of the unfortunate things in life. At first this was a journey to discover the truth of other worlds, to learn their secrets and hopefully from that, grow to become a new person of his own instead of 'Xedyn, the youngest nobody.' That's the only name he ever knew at this point, basically the only true thing he knew so much about himself. Everything else was just a complete blank. The only leftover memories were of something painful but at the same time beautiful, foreboding but inviting, foreign but familiar. How to feel. Another crisis hit Xedyn as now he didn't know whether what he felt was truly what he felt or if it was all a facade created by his mind to keep him feeling sane anymore.

"Heh...this place is getting to me." Xedyn chuckled. He had to admit, the atmosphere in this place was completely and utterly gloomy. Dark and threatening clouds loomed in the distance, lightning crashing the water so far away, the moon rising just in the center of the coast high up in the sky barely skimming the black clouds that further darkened what would have been a beautiful night sky, transforming it into a black hole of misery. Why was the world so vicious, it screamed. What point is there to life when it will all eventually be destroyed. This world felt so empty, and something seemed out of place that made it feel even more wrong than usual. Like something breathtaking would have existed here but instead it was just sand, and water. Nothing more to it then that. Such emptiness could be the blame for the mindset that Xedyn was put in, he considered himself heavily affected by his surroundings. With utter chaos so too did his mind descend into chaos. Under times of bliss so to did he feel blissful. Xedyn began to feel a little at home standing here, with nothing but his own thoughts to occupy him. It was perfect. A place where he could be alone but not truly lost, like the World that Never Was. There he felt lost, drifting along the currents of time itself with no direction and no goal. Here, it wasn't like that. Even with the cruel disposition the atmosphere threatened to pass on, it was a perfect cycle. Of life and death, creation and destruction. What is destroyed can be built upon twice as good. Xedyn nodded to himself, the salty air slowly became a warm ocean breeze that stung the bottom of his tongue in a slightly pleasant way that felt right. The air felt genuine, natural, with flaw but with character. Unlike the tasteless and nonexistent air he had began to grow accustomed to.

It saddened him though, his next thought. He knew he couldn't stay here for as long as he wanted, the longer he stayed in this world the more he threatened the balance of how they worked. He was an outsider, a foreigner, a refugee. Running from a storm he had no knowledge of, a storm that targeted him and him only. A storm he called upon himself with his first thoughts of wanderlust. The storm in the distance represented that. The longer he stayed here the more he threatened the bond between worlds. Like placing a weight upon a scale that was just barely balanced. Though he knew this, he decided that it would be a fruitful action to stay and take in the breeze more, as it was this moment in time that he felt properly alive in such a while, or as alive as he could feel being an embodiment of nothingness. This place was threatening, but it also soothed his aching mind, letting him think more clearly. A practice he had come to love. He had met others like him already, but one was short-lived and the other was a desperate struggle with no meaning. And he began to wonder if others like him did what he did now. Moving across worlds and discovering something bigger than them selves. It was a comforting thought but it was so outrageous, so unbelievable to Xedyn. Those same words in his mind were always there, it was only now where he could feel them once again.

"Kingdom...Hearts..." He muttered.
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A Sigh and a Relief (Xedyn/Dyne/Open)
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