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PostSubject: Shxea   Shxea EmptyMon Jun 05, 2017 2:56 am

Shxea Shxea__lady_of_decay_by_yoshisohappy-dbblwqv
Shxea 2d79eeed1d948b4bc942c970a4389112

General Information
Age:16 (83 days)
Alignment:Chaotic Neutral

Command Deck
Abilities(Choose 3: Have the [AB] Tag)
1. Second Chance: Stay alive even after the worst hits until you are near-death. They must hit you while you're in your near-death state to finish you off.  
2.  Dark Boost: You deal an extra 3% of your base potential in damage when using darkness based attacks.  
3. Charge: Charge up and attack an enemy. Ignores guarding but leaves you open for attack while charging

1. Opposing Cure [SP Level 1]:- When a target uses a healing spell higher than Cure, Shxea can steal only %25 of the spells magic.
2. Blizzard Chamber [SP Level 1]- A basic Reflect attack that harms anyone near it via ice magic.
3. Death's Door [SP Level 1]:- This move can turn Shxea or an opposing character into "zombie" mode. Attacks to not harm them while in this mode, and the only way to take them down is via Cure moves, potions or debuffing. However, this move can only last 3 turns.

1. Nurse [SK Level 1]: While not very strong, Shxea uses more Magic then physical attacks. When down to half health, she will begin to cast a small cure move.
2. Poison Jab[SK Level 1]: Coats the tip of her dagger in spider like poison. If hit, causes a bit more damage and 70% chance of Poison.
3. Last Resort[SK Level : when down to a fourth of her health, Shxea will summon a small group of Creepers to back her up.

Signature Melee
1. Decaying Slash [MB 1]: A simple slash move that decreases hp.
2. Grave Blade [MB 1]: a hard hitting thrust move that decreases both HP and MP.
3. Moving Targets [MB 1]: If a character has used or is using an Aero attack, Shxea can throw her dagger through the air to hit the target.

Appearance: Shxea is a 5'2, skinny girl. Her body is mostly covered in the Organization Uniform, so much that she occasionally slips on it. She has long flowing, Indigo hair pulled back into a ponytail with matching eyes. Upon her cheek is a small, heart shaped mole. Under her uniform, she wears a light blue, spaghetti strap dress and a pair of white and black thigh high socks. While she does look rather stand offish, she's actually a bit outgoing. She loves going on missions, just so she can get out of the castle!

Backstory:  Shxea's only memory of who she used to be, was of a blurry figure upon some sort of building top. The figure looked...female...well, mostly their hair, which was a long blue. The only noise she could hear, was laughing and the sounds of a bustling area,But that's all she could recall. Who was this figure? Could it have been her or maybe...someone who once knew who she was?

Shxea, while looking like an angst filled person, is actually pretty outgoing and soft-hearted.(which is ironic...because she doesn't even have one.) She was always running around the halls, trying to memorize the world as best she could.
Her first few days...where kind of messy. She was either messing around in the halls or picking at her weapon and coat. Her first mission is where started training her magic.

She occasionally doesn't know when to get serious, which is a problem considering her work. She gets distracted easily and can often blow things off if they don't seem important to her. Only after major scoldings or punishments does she take her job as seriously as possible.[/center]

Everything I ever did....I did for her.

I'm not gonna let you stand there and remind me about everything I hate about myself!

They're just parasites. If they want to be a problem, they'll have to answer to me.

Everybody always tells me how great Mom was. I just don't feel like I can ever measure up to her.

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PostSubject: Re: Shxea   Shxea EmptyMon Jun 05, 2017 3:08 am

You're approved! You have the option to skip your "Dive to the Heart" post due to lack of staff and receive average gains to start posting immediately.
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