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 Surfin' Timeless River (Open)

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Narly G.
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Surfin' Timeless River (Open) Empty
PostSubject: Surfin' Timeless River (Open)   Surfin' Timeless River (Open) EmptyThu Jun 01, 2017 12:42 pm

It's not every day you see a cat on a beach shoveling a hole into the dirt next to a body of water, and with a surfboard of all things. The metaphorical purr-petrator was a gray-scale cat dressed like a big city tourist prepping for a long, loud, and wet day at the beach, his tongue sticking slightly out of his mouth giving away the excessive amounts of concentrating being devoted to using the worst of improvised tools to dig a hole beside a stream. Water flooded into the monochrome colored dirt and quickly assimilated the small hole into the lake's body, and the cat's eyebrows lowered and his bottom lip puckered out in what could only be described as typical spoiled princess frustration. In response to this immature display of 20th century cartoon style attitude, a fish stuck its head above water and spit a straight beam of water straight into the clearly victimized kitty's face, causing him to sputter about flailing his limbs in almost unrealistic ways, contorting like that of a pretzel, then standing on one foot, spinning rapidly, then dramatically falling flat on his face with his tail stuck straight up like an exclamation point. He reached and grabbed his tail then pulled himself into the air, defying all laws of physics like it was a walk in the park, then set himself on his feet. Angrily he shook his fist at the pesky - no pun intended - fish that so impolitely sprayed water on his face, then he pointed very dramatically.

"You!" The gnarly pussycat called, his expression stern, or at least as stern as it could be with the limitations of technology such was the way of the 1930s, but before the cat could make any other action, the fish stuck out its tongue and sunk back into the water. "Hey, wait!" The cat yelled before running until his ankles sunk into the water, paw outstretched with his surfboard tucked under his arm, "TEACH ME YOUR WAYS, MASTER!!" He cried, invisible tears spraying from his eyes in a dramatic manner, of course it would look dramatic if there were actually any tears at all. Which there wasn't. And no fish came, thus the cat looked like a crazy person who assumed they just saw...whatever the aquatic version of a chupacabra is. And there he stood, cast under a monotone light with one paw cast toward the heavens-er...water, surfboard tucked safely under his free arm. He looked like a scandal poster for an anti-PETA organization, if there even is such a...

"Wait, what was I doing?"
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Surfin' Timeless River (Open)
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