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 Doorways to new worlds (Xedyn)

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PostSubject: Doorways to new worlds (Xedyn)   Mon Apr 17, 2017 6:12 pm

Xiel stared up at the castle, grinning at how utterly massive it was compared to him. One day he would know what it is like to be the owner of such a structure. Once he took down that hooded man he felt he would be guaranteed some sort of great power. To be honest he never truly believed he would even make it this far.. Perhaps this Xedyn was more valuable than he had previously thought. "Well, here we are. Somehow I didn't think it would be this easy to just.. walk up and go ahead in. Think we'll encounter any trouble inside?" Xiel wondered aloud as he looked over to Xedyn.

Personally he believed whole-heartedly that there would some sort of trap within. Whether it be a swarm of Nobodies or that cursed hooded man himself, something didn't feel right. This all felt way to convenient and too easy.. "I for one don't like this, normally I'd be all for a quiet trip and easy victory but.. this is a damned castle! Shouldn't there be guards out front or swarms of foes pouring out to stop us in our tracks?" As he said this Xiels sense of paranoia only seemed to grow.
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PostSubject: Re: Doorways to new worlds (Xedyn)   Tue Apr 18, 2017 8:59 pm

The castle rose so high in the distance, making Xedyn feel smaller and smaller the longer he looked at it, its grey colored spires rising triumphantly into the sky of nothingness with a strange symbol on the center tower and a larger one on the right and left, and in between all of that were swarms of nobodies gliding, sliding, or dancing along the walkways and precipices that pointed out and announced itself to those who would look. In the background there was the faint shape of a heart that took place as the moon, or at least Xedyn assumed as much that it was the moon of this world. Something about it filled him with a certain giddiness whenever he would look upon it but it was so faded and hard to notice that this detail too filled him with a sort of depression as if something so close was also so far away. He almost didn't notice the question Xiel asked him, he glanced at Xiel blankly for just a moment, then twitched once his brain broke free of the stupor it was placed in just moments before. "Oh. I would think so." He replied, he really didn't know what the question was as he wasn't paying attention but the answer he gave could have been used for just about any question. He was too caught up in examining this castle, it was so out of place yet it felt like it belonged here, that this world was its home. He began to wonder if this world was stolen from something else and people like Xedyn had made their home here afterwards.

Xedyn loathed to think about it, that his kind were nothing but a bunch of raiders and pillagers going around and stealing worlds from other people. Even though he was convinced he had no heart he refused to tolerate acting without one, with cruelty and mercilessness. That wasn't how the world worked, not in Xedyn's mind. This time Xedyn was able to process the question that was given, and found he could agree with the reasoning behind asking such a thing. Xiel was right, the front was completely devoid of guards other than a large rift blocking the street from the castle, but a drawbridge made of some kind of dark energy presented itself as they neared, and still there was no resistance. As if the castle beckoned them to peer inside and explore properly, Xedyn felt afraid thinking that this castle was alive and, even further, had a mind of its own. Such a thing couldn't be possible.
Could it?

"I certainly hope not." Xedyn replied. Mostly to Xiel's question but also to the thoughts in his head that filled him with a sense of fear unbecoming of him. Thinking of a living breathing castle home to these creatures made him wonder even more outrageous things, that maybe people like him were created from the castle, or the castle forced them here and now treat each one as a slave, breaking their minds and forcing them to work for it. He almost didn't want to go into the castle anymore at this rate but other worlds beckoned to him, and he wanted to answer that call so badly. He hoped Xiel felt the same as two was better than one when it came to a fight.
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Doorways to new worlds (Xedyn)
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