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 Spellweaver (Command Style)

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PostSubject: Spellweaver (Command Style)   Spellweaver (Command Style) EmptySun Apr 16, 2017 7:31 pm

Spellweaver (Command Style) 3g1FLiEg
[Become second to none in terms of magic when this Style is active. When you fail a spell clash, you do not take the remaining damage and instead both spells are cancelled out. When you win a clash, you deal 10% of the damage to surrounding targets. This Command Style becomes activated when your mana hits 0 with Fire, Ice, Thunder, and Wind element spells.]

[Aqua is a Keyblade Master with unmatched skill in magic. She was only ever second to Xehanort himself, but her time spent in the Dark Realm thus far has drastically improved her skills despite her powers being stripped from her when she attempted to save Terra. To learn this Command Style one must simply find Aqua and train under her.]

[SHOTLOCK] Lightbloom: The user performs a set of graceful and acrobatic movements, most of the time resembling some sort of complex dance. Blasts of light are fired in all directions.

Spellweaver (Command Style) 5
"The next time someone wanders into the realm of darkness. I'll be here. A light to cut through all the shadows. I will be their wayfinder."
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Spellweaver (Command Style)
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