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 Narly G. The Pesky Surfing "Love Everyone" Feline!

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Narly G.
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New Member
Narly G.

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Character Info
Potential: 850
Willpower: 850
Race: Toon

Narly G. The Pesky Surfing "Love Everyone" Feline! Empty
PostSubject: Narly G. The Pesky Surfing "Love Everyone" Feline!   Narly G. The Pesky Surfing "Love Everyone" Feline! EmptySat Apr 15, 2017 1:25 am

Narly G. The Love Everyone Feline
Narly G. The Pesky Surfing "Love Everyone" Feline! YdLHXS1
Narly G. The Pesky Surfing "Love Everyone" Feline! IJ0NzXb

General Information
Name: Narly G.
Age: 80
Race: Toon (Shield Arts)
Alignment: Neutral Good

Command Deck
1. [AB] The Water's Fine!(Blizzard Finish): A cat that loves water? Scandalous! But everyone's different! (Attacks deal ice damage. Chance at freezing opponents. Roll die to determine)
2. [AB] Don't Be a Bully!(Guard Plus): Violence will not be tolerated, we're all friends here! (Gives a 3% bonus to your base willpower when guarding at any time.)
3. [AB] Cheer!: Encourage your friends to do the best they can, for everyone! (While in battle with allies, your allies get a 3% boost to their base potential and willpower.)

1. [SP Level 1] Hydration (Flavored Cure): Narly loves the sea, and surfing too! So it's only logic that water makes him feel better. The same can't be said for his friends but at least they pretend!
2. [SP Level 1] Gravity: Only someone who can defy the laws of gravity can surf like Narly G. can, said a wise moose! Narly uses the power of gravity to lift his opponent into the air, then down he goes!
3. [SP Level 1] Bubble: Narly can combine the water and gravity spell to make a 'deadly' bubble that slowly homes in on a target before bursting abruptly!

1. [SK Level 1] Fun For Everyone!: "It's a party and you're all invited!" Narly releases confetti from his hands at someone while balloons fly out of nowhere and bump into absolutely everyone, somehow...hurting them? (30% damage on main target, 5% on surrounding)
2. [SK Level 1] Just a Prank!: "Hey, wanna see something cool?" Narly reveals a bottle of sea water from somewhere behind his back and squirts it right into the face of his target. That's gotta sting!
3. [SK Level 1] Aoogah!: "Choo-choo, here comes the happy train!" Narly pulls out a large horn and blows into it, it releases an ear-splitting loud "AOOGAH!" sound, just like the sound of an old cartoon car horn. (Deals damage depending on the number affected. 35% on one, 17% on two, etc.)

Signature Melee(Make 3, Just Flavor: Have the [ML ?] Tag, Can Only be [ML Untrained] at start)
1. [ML Untrained] BONK!!: Narly raises his big ole' surfboard, but it's too heavy and he ends up falling over. Luckily, he hits his target right on the head.
2. [ML Untrained] Bombs Away!: Narly lowers his head and charges, belting someone in the gut with his rather hard head.
3. [ML Untrained] Cowabunga!: Narly spins really really fast with his surfboard outstretched, hoping to thwack someone before he gets too dizzy.

Appearance: Like all old cartoon characters, Narly G. is black and white, he's a cat of course and he wears a tee shirt with two paw-prints and a bell collar around his neck. Sometimes he likes to sport a cute little hat to go with the rest of his outfit. Fashionable!

Backstory: Narly G. Originally started out as a character that promoted equality of all kinds, including gender equality, racial equality, you name it! However, the show's message was shown at a horrible time and his show quickly got a lot of propaganda claims against it and they had to stop. But people wouldn't stop preaching the message that Narly G. always wanted to show off, and that's what kept ole' Narly alive. In the hearts of children and adults alike who believed that being kind to one another no matter what was the right way to go. And now he would leave the Timeless River to be able to spread that message to everyone, even if he felt down he knew that there were people out there cheering for him to keep on running. Of course he still hoped that someone would decide to bring his show back to life where such a message was more desired than before. But that didn't stop him from wanting to pull up his big kitty shorts and strike out independently to give off his message the way only he can! With gags, good humor, and slightly dangerous pranks! Some people have asked what the G. in Narly's name means, some people speculate it means "Gato" which means something or other, Narly didn't know. To him, there was no meaning. It didn't matter. It was there and it belonged there even if there wasn't a reason for it too. Just like friends, they don't have to be anything. Just being a friend was enough and that was the message he would travel worlds to bring to everyone!
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Join date : 2016-05-16

Character Info
Potential: 1450
Willpower: 1850
Race: Nobody

Narly G. The Pesky Surfing "Love Everyone" Feline! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Narly G. The Pesky Surfing "Love Everyone" Feline!   Narly G. The Pesky Surfing "Love Everyone" Feline! EmptySat Apr 15, 2017 3:42 pm

Approved! You start with 850 Willpower and Potential.
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Narly G. The Pesky Surfing "Love Everyone" Feline!
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