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Character Info
Potential: 1,000
Willpower: 1,000
Race: Human

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PostSubject: Umbra   Umbra EmptyThu Apr 13, 2017 3:17 am

Umbra, Mother of Emotion
Umbra EDWmiRn
Umbra 1s6KtZF

General Information
Name: Umbra
Age: ??
Race: Human (Progenitor)
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Command Deck
1. [AB] Critical Hits: Umbra holds nothing back when attacking, giving her attacks a chance to deal 5% more of their base potential. Roll die to determine success.
2. [AB] Stun Impact: Retaining their form taught Umbra the vital areas one should strike to incapacitate her opponents, giving her a chance to stun enemies on attack. Roll die to determine success.
3. [AB] From Pain Brings Life: Umbra inflicts pain upon herself to give birth to negative emotions, these negative emotions take physical form in the appearance of Floods, a basic type of Unversed to fight for her. Can summon to a max of two only once per battle at the cost of 5% of max HP.

1. [SP Level 1] Cure: Health is the key to survival, Umbra knows this much. Umbra uses her magic to heal herself or an ally. Heals 35% Potential
2. [SP Level 1] Dark Thunder: Similar to thunder but infused with dark energy born from Umbra's emotions. Dealing 35% potential damage
3. [SP Level 1] Dark Fire: Similar to fire but infused with dark energy born from Umbra's emotions. Dealing 35% potential damage

1. [SK Level 1] Toxic Break: Umbra leaps high into the air and charges at her opponent, swiping them with her claw and seeping her essence into the wound, dealing 35% Potential dark damage to to her target.
2. [SK Level 1] Dark Splicer: Umbra stops an opponent in their tracks, then warps behind them and attacks with her claws. Dealing 35% Potential damage
3. [SK Level 1] Aerial Torment: Umbra launches a target into the air, then leaps and strikes as she launches downward, creating a shockwave that damages nearby enemies. Dealing 30% Potential damage to the main target and 5% to surrounding enemies.

Signature Melee(Make 3, Just Flavor: Have the [ML ?] Tag, Can Only be [ML Untrained] at start)
1. [ML Untrained] Flesh Rend: Umbra rips through the flesh of her enemies with a horizontal slash of her claws.
2. [ML Untrained] Heart Ripper: Umbra thrusts her claws into her opponent's chest, then tears her claws back out again.
3. [ML Untrained] Hamstring: Umbra darts forward and attacks her opponent's legs with reckless swipes of her claws.

Appearance: Umbra has short dark hair covering her right eye, her left eye is a deep crimson and it's reason enough to believe that her right eye matches that color exactly. Her clothes mostly involve a navy blue coat underneath a white dress shirt with a red kerchief wrapped around the collar and a black skirt or a similar color pair of shorts, and a pair of black 'outside' shoes with purple stockings going up to her thigh. At the elbow her arms morph into grotesque and morbid claws that occasionally drip with a black liquid toxic to people other than her. Aside from that and her eyes she has the look of a completely generic schoolgirl in an anime film, but this appearance was merely designed to cause opponents to underestimate her, giving her an upper hand at least for a short while. The signature Unversed emblem cannot be seen on her person but it's hypothesized that the emblem is on the covered part of her face.

Backstory: Umbra's creation occurred a long time ago to the darkness of someone's heart, the pain and misery they felt gave birth to her and she would therefore be stuck with these emotions to the point to loving the pain that she felt, often inflicting pain on herself to be able to feel that similar pain all over again. At first, doing this had no effect but as she grew, her sadomasochistic tendencies would soon grant her the ability to create what she would refer to as her 'children' and she would protect them as such. Soon she became her own being, no longer under the influence of the darkness that once tethered her existence to it, and she then only existed for one purpose within her mind, to protect her children. Anything was a threat no matter race, alignment, or age. Everything posed a threat to her children and would be dealt with accordingly. Of course all children must grow to their responsibilities one day and they would be tasked by her to rip the threats limb from limb until nothing was left, and like all children, they would one day leave the nest when they grew to a sufficient age, and strike out on their own. This would be a sad time for Umbra and she would only feel more pain, and as a cause would create more 'children' bringing her happiness once more. This vicious cycle is the only thing Umbra knows about her otherwise meaningless existence, and she declared that she would preserve this goal for as long as she could until her children would rule all worlds, and rule all worlds they shall.

Umbra MWOipzN

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Character Info
Potential: 1450
Willpower: 1850
Race: Nobody

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PostSubject: Re: Umbra   Umbra EmptyThu Apr 13, 2017 6:17 am

Change your race to say Human, aside from that you're approved. Your application looks so good you're starting off with enough Potential/Willpower to make your Progenitor claim anyway, but still.

Your starting Potential/Willpower is 1,000/1,000!
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